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How to do a Winged Eyeliner

by Beauty Stoke
Winged Eyeliner

These Winged Eyeliner Styles Will Look Good on All Eye Shapes

Are you also a fan of Winged Eyeliner? If yes, then you should also be aware of the variety of this famous makeup trend. Winged eyeliner is something that everyone can try and it is a great way to define your eyes.

Which everyone can try and it has the ability to define your eyes very well. So let us tell you today how you can apply winged eyeliner perfectly and its different styles. 

What is Winged Eyeliner?

Winged Eyeliner

This is one type of eye makeup look, which is very classic. It gives you a retro appeal and at the same time enhances the beauty of your eyes(do a winged Eyeliner). As the name suggests, you need to use eyeliner for this. As we know that every one’s eye shape is different and winged eyeliner is also being applied since people came to know about makeup and because of this there are many styles of winged eyeliner.

 Which is the best product for winged eyeliner?

For this, you can choose from a variety of products available in the market. Eyeliner comes in liquid, gel and pen formulas and you can use them to create the winged eyeliner look. It is up to you which of these formats you prefer to use. You can also use a kohl pencil and create a sharp winged liner look.

Cat Eyeliner Look That Suits Every Eye Shape 

You may also know Cat Eyeliner as Retro Winged Eyeliner and it is very common. To create this, you draw a thin line on your upper lash and then flick it up from the outer corner. Tip- You can easily create this with liquid, pencil and gel eyeliner. 

Sharp winged eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

Thick brush strokes that are sharp and bold on the outside to give you a hooded eye look. Not only this, you can easily create this look because while doing this, you should not take care that your line is thin. Because of this, start from the outer corner and draw a sharp winged line and then define your upper lash line keeping your eyes wide open. 

Tip- Liquid liner is the best to create this look.

Allover Winged Eyeliner Look for Large or Almond Shape Eyes

If you have big eyes then you should definitely try the winged eyeliner style on the upper and lower lash line. If you have big eyes and you apply dark line pigment on the upper and lower lash line to define them, it will make your eyes look less tired and at the same time your makeup look will glow instantly. 

Tip- Use a thick brush or jet black liquid or gel formula.

 Graphic Winged Eyeliner Look

Winged Eyeliner

If you are going out somewhere and want to take all the attention only with your eyeliner, then graphic winged eyeliner is the best option for you. You can apply it like this or if you want, you can also apply eyeshadow with it. For the graphic winged eyeliner style, you also need to line the crease of your lid and line it with the line of the upper lash. For this, pen or gel liner is the best option. 

Tip- Highlight the inner corner with this look.

Dramatic Winged Eyeliner for Small Eyes

Yes, you read it absolutely right. Bold and dramatic winged liner can complement small eyes. This eyeliner look also shows off your folds and lids and doesn’t spoil your liner game. For a dramatic winged liner look, you have to apply the liner all over your lids and while doing so, give it a wing shape. You can use gel or kohl for this style. Tip- Take care that your liner does not go over the crease while doing this. 

Double winged eyeliner


You can try this double winged eyeliner look for all eye shapes and if you want to give extra style to your look then you can also apply it on the bottom lash line. It gives a very nice look to your eyes. 

Tip- Pen eyeliner is the best option to create this look.

Faux winged eyeliner

In this winged eyeliner look, wings are created on the outer and inner corners. It gives you a sharp eyeliner style. If you have big eyes, you can make wings on your upper lash line as well as on the outer and inner corners. However, if you have small eyes, make wings only on the outer and inner corners, covering only the upper lash line and leaving the lower lash line as it is.

Tiip- To create this look, use jet black liquid or pen formula only.

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