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Best makeup primer | What does Makeup Primer do

by Beauty Stoke
Best makeup primer

Why it is important to apply primer while makeup and what is the right way| Facts and Benefits Of Using Primer:

Makeup Primer. It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the inner beauty also promotes the external beauty of the person. Whatever people say, since childhood, the favorite pastime of most girls is to make up. While some girls use beauty products to add beauty to their personality, some get used to make-up. To fulfill their makeup hobbies, In the makeup kit, the world – where things are kept, which cannot be understood by everyone.(best makeup primer for mature skin). What does a makeup primer do? 
If you are currently taking basic makeup training, then know what is makeup primer? 
How to apply face primer – How to use Face Primer? 
Benefits of Primer – Benefits of Primer How to choose the right primer – How to Choose Best Primer? 
How to make primer at home – How to Make Primer at Home?
Best primer


Primer for oily skin -Makeup Primer for Oily Skin:

What is Makeup Primer- What is Makeup Primer? 
There are many products available in the world of makeup, which we are not aware of. We start using makeup products after hearing from the internet, parlors or people, but many times remain unaware of their benefits or ways of using them. To skin To make a smooth, it is advisable to apply primer before using any makeup product. In the makeup world, primer kya hota hai is very important and should not be ignored. (best primer for dry skin) 
Best makeup product

What is makeup primer? 

With the help of primer, a smooth and flawless base is prepared for makeup.
(best primer for dry Skin). What does a makeup primer do? 
(best primer for oily Skin) 

Follow these 7 beauty tips for beauty:

If you use foundation on the skin, then definitely make a habit of applying primer before applying foundation.(best primer for normal Skin) While the primer is used for a smooth makeup base and skin protection, the foundation hides stains while giving the skin a similar color.
What benefits of primer. 
Best makeup

How to apply face primer – How to use Face Primer? 

The way to use every makeup product is different. If you want to use primer as a base before makeup, then follow these makeup tips (primer lagane ka tarika). 
1. Clean your face thoroughly with soap or face wash.
 2. Wipe your face with a soft towel and let it dry properly.
3. When the face becomes dry, apply moisturizer or sunscreen on it. 
4. After this apply primer. While applying the primer, focus more on the parts of the face where the makeup does not last long. Pay special attention to your tea zone (forehead, nose and chin). This reduces the brightness of these places and makes them oil free.
 5. Take a little primer on the back of your hand and apply it on the outside of the nose with the help of finger tips.
If you do not want to take a separate primer for the eyes, then apply it on the eyelids with light hands, so that the eye makeup remains intact for a long time.
 6. After applying the primer, leave the face for a while before applying any other make-up product, so that the face absorbs it. 
7. Now you can apply foundation and other products on the face.
 8. To conceal the wrinkles and fine lines of the face, mix the concealer with primer and then apply on the face.
For primer, mix the primer and foundation thoroughly. 
10. If you like No Makeup Look then you can also apply primer as foundation. Take special care of skin with these beauty tips. What does a makeup primer do? 
Best primer for dry Skin.

Benefits of Primer:

Talking about makeup terminology, without the use of primer, your makeup is incomplete. Primer has many advantages in makeup. Know what makeup primer is and about it.(what primer is best) 
Beauty Stoke


Pors will be closed:

The pores of the skin can be closed with the help of a primer. If you have pores on your face, ie, pores, then liquid foundation is not good on it. Make a habit of applying primer on the face for better finishing of makeup.(best primer for uneven Skin) 

Skin will be soft:

The use of primer is also important because it keeps your skin extremely soft.(best primer) The skin becomes smooth as soon as it is applied and it helps to keep the skin smooth even after makeup.

Make up:

 If you are using more than one makeup products and still do not see the glow on your face, then you are missing something in your makeup regime. It is advisable to use a primer to correct this mistake.
Best makeup primer. 
Best foundation collection


Will avoid side effects:

Some girls are allergic to various products or things. If you have a problem of pimples on your face, then the primer is the appropriate solution to your problem. There will be no side effects from its use and it will also protect you from other side effects.(best primer for uneven Skin tone) 

Makeup Primer Reduced age effect: 

Anti-aging, that is, women use a variety of methods to conceal the effects of aging. If you want to get rid of the problem related to anti-aging, then choose a primer that contains anti-aging elements, so that fine lines showing age can be removed.
Amazing makeup product

Makeup will last long:

Some girls complain that they can use the product of any big brand, but it does not last long on their skin. Using a primer reduces the perspiration from the pores, making the makeup last longer. It also protects the skin from dust – dirt and dirt.
How to choose best makeup primer. 

Redness will be less by Makeup Primer 

Some girls face redness, ie redness, due to pimples or allergies. Redness of the skin is reduced by using primer as a base. After using it, you can apply any kind of makeup product. 
Beauty Stoke

How to choose the right primer – How to Choose Best Primer? 

Primer is available in many ways and different primer should be used for every skin type. Learn the types of primer and the right way to select it.(primer lgane ka trika). What does a makeup primer do? 

Face Primer – Face Primer: 

It is used before foundation or BB / CC Cream. It is used as a base before makeup. 

Eye Primer – Eye Primer:

It is applied before applying eye makeup and it not only enhances the beauty of the eye shadow, but also does not harm the eyes.
If you have oily skin, apply a primer containing salicylic acid. Such girls should use matte primer. At the same time, if your skin is dry, then you should use gel or illuminating primer. If the redness remains on your face, apply green tint primer and if there are blue spots, orange or peach tint(orange / peach tint) primer is recommended. Every kind of primer suits girls with normal skin. It is better to understand your skin type and tone before purchasing any makeup product. Best Facial Toner 
Best eye primer

How to make primer at home – How to Make Primer at Home?

Like other makeup products, care must be taken when buying primer. If you are confused about the primer of good brand, then you can make it at home too. There are many ways by which you can make the best primer at home according to your skin type and tone. Actually, everyone has different skin and according to the same, the products applied on it are different. Know a method of making primer, which will be applied to all skin types.

For Normal Skin: 

Primer for Normal Skin Type material 
1/3 cup aloe vera gel
1 teaspoon virgin coconut oil A little mineral powder


1. After heating coconut oil on low flame, keep it to cool down.
 2. When coconut becomes equal to room temperature, then mix aloe vera gel in it.
 3. Now slowly start adding mineral powder. 
4. Now put it in a jar and keep it in a cool place.
Apply your homemade primer on the face before applying foundation. Aloe vera has many beauty properties and coconut oil contains vitamin E, which makes the skin soft. At the same time, mineral powder brings glow to the face. 
Best makeup tips

Primer for oily skin – Primer for Oily Skin:

No makeup on skin of oily skin does not last long. In such a situation, it is important that they apply a primer that prevents the oil from coming on the face. material
3 teaspoons mattifying sunscreen lotion 3 teaspoon aloe vera gel 
1 spoon foundation (according to skin type and tone) 
1/2 teaspoon mineral powder

Primer for dry skin:

Primer for Dry Skin Girls or women whose skin is dry, they should take a primer that can provide moisture to their skin and also stay on their face. What does a makeup primer do? 


1 teaspoon aloe vera gel sunscreen lotion Method 
1. In a small pot, mix aloe vera gel and sunscreen lotion thoroughly. 
2. Now store it in a small jar. read this also –

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