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The Best Foundation for Your Skin(2021)

by Beauty Stoke
Best Foundation For Your Skin

Know which is the best foundation for your skin |I’ve tried every full-coverage foundation on the market for my breakout-prone combination skin. Too Faced’s Born This Way is the only one that .. Foundation. 

The foundation is an important part of the makeup box. Because foundation is required to make a makeup base. needed. The foundation strengthens the foundation of the makeup and the facial glow looks the same. Many people neither know which is the best foundation according to their skin (best foundation konsa hai) nor the method of foundation (foundation lagane ka tarika). In this case, the entire makeup gets spoiled. So let us know how foundation is formed and what is the best foundation for your skin.

best foundation for your skin


 What is Foundation 

Foundation Kya Hai Foundation way 

Foundation Lagane ka Tarika Best Foundation 

Best Foundation Konsa Hai FAQs and Answers to the Foundation 

FAQs What is Foundation 

What is Foundation?

best foundation for your skin

A makeup foundation is a kind of liquid or powder makeup color that changes the complexion of our skin by evening its tone. By applying the foundation, any type of spots, wrinkles etc. are hidden on the face and the face starts to glow. Many people want to know how a makeup foundation is formed. So for their information, tell us that the makeup foundation is a moisturizing base made of water, oil or wax You can use cream or liquid based foundation. If you have oily skin, then cake or powder foundation should be applied. Cake and liquid foundation are best for normal skin people.

What are the types of foundations?

best foundation for your skin

Everyone knows that with the foundation you can get the perfect makeup look. But those who do not know much about the makeup product, often make a mistake in buying it. Because the foundation also comes in different types according to different types of each skin. Yes, there are 4 types of foundations in the market – Cream, Powder, Liquid and Cake Foundation. If your skin type is dry skin then 
You can use cream or liquid based foundation. If you have oily skin, then cake or powder foundation should be applied. Cake and liquid foundation are best for normal skin people.

Foundation way|how to apply foundation?

best foundation for your skin

 The way to use every makeup product is different. The foundation is the base of the face. If you did not use or apply the foundation properly, then the rest of the makeup will look ugly. That’s why the way to set up your foundation (Foundation Lagane ka Tarika) Must be absolutely right. If you want to adopt the perfect makeup look, then before applying foundation (foundation lagane se pehle kya lagaye) and after that keep in mind some things too. So let’s know the right way to set up step by step foundation.

best foundation for your skin

First of all moisturize the face with a cream. This is the first and most important step to apply foundation.

 If you want better results, then apply primer base on the skin. By applying it, the foundation is easily applied to the uniform skin. 

If you have a lot of spots or any other marks on your face, then use skin character. 

After this, dot-dot the foundation and apply a full face brush with a brush or sponge (beauty blender).

For better results, wet and squeeze the beauty blender and then apply the foundation. 

Try not to rub or spread it. Blend the foundation all over the face and neck only by tapping.

 Also keep in mind that always make the blond downwards, never bleed from bottom to top.

 After stopping for some time, apply it after applying face powder or loose powder.

Best Foundation:

best foundation for your skin

 Konsa Hai Nowadays, all types of makeup foundations are available in the market. But which of them will be the perfect foundation for you? Making these choices can be a difficult task for you. Because everyone’s skin tone is different. If someone’s skin is dry, then someone’s oily, some people’s skin type is normal or dry and oily combination. But try to remove this confusion Oily, the skin type of some people is normal or dry and combination of oily. But we are trying to remove this confusion from you and tell you about the Best Foundation which will suit your skin tone and will give you the perfect makeup look.

Best Foundation for Dark Skin:

best foundation for your skin

Foundation Dusky complexion means dark skin tone. Talking about India, most people are of this skin tone. The most special thing about this complex is that the features of your face come out in it. Such makeup foundation on dark skin tone (best foundation konsa hai) Is needed that brings out the features instead of blinding the complexion. Talking about the best foundation for dark skin, nowadays many beauty brands have launched many shades in it keeping in mind the needs of dusky skin tone. Here we have brought the best foundation options for such dark skin, which will give your skin as much natural beauty as you want.


best foundation for your skin

If you are looking for a makeup product that is multipurpose, then you must include Myglamm’s Total Makeover FF Cream Foundation Palette’s Dusky Shade in your beauty kit. Its biggest feature is that there are 5 in 1. That is, it has primer, concealer, foundation, compact with SPF 30 and skin tone character palette. Not only this, the Best Long Stay Foundation (TOTAL) at the Cosmopolitin Beauty Awards in 2019 MAKEOVER FF CREAM FOUNDATION PALETTE) has also got the title. Believe it, you will not find a good and multipurpose foundation anywhere.

 Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation – Mocha

best foundation for your skin

This shade of the Wade and Wild Photo Focus Foundation is perfect for dark, dusky and dark skin tones. Its specialty is that it has been tested inside 7 types of lighting. That is why you can get tension free and click photoshoot or photo. 

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation, 335 Classic Tan

best foundation for your skin

This classic tan shade from Maybelline is the best foundation for dark skin. It blends on your skin very easily and gives your skin a completely natural neutral finish. According to the company, it is designed according to the skin tone women. This is the reason that its demand is increasing day by day. 

Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse Mattreal Foundation – Rick Walnut

Makeup for acne

Best Foundation for Oily Skin – Oily Skin ke liye Foundation

 All types of makeup products with oily skin tone cannot be used. This makes them prone to pimples and other problems in their skin. In the case of the same foundation, they have to be more vigilant. Although there are many types of foundations in the market for oily skin, but which one is the best, there is always a confusion on the matter. Let us tell you about some foundations which are best for oily skin.

Revlon Colorstay Makeup For Combination / Oily

best foundation for your skin

It is the best foundation for oily skin. Made from oil-free and lightweight formulas, this foundation does not spoil for 24 hours. It blends into the skin very easily and gives you a matte finish look. If your skin is both dry and oily, that is, combination skin, you can still use it without thinking.

 L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

best foundation for your skin

If you are looking for a foundation that can also work as a concealer, then you can use the Inflatable Pro-Mat Foundation of L’Oreal Paris. This will hide your facial shortcomings and give you an absolutely flawless even tone look.

 Colorbar Flawless Finish Mousse Foundation

Makeup for oily skin

It is also the best foundation for normal and oily skin. If you like other products of Colorbar, then Colorbar Flawless Finish Mousse Foundation will also be liked. This foundation contains SPF and glycerin, which protects the skin from harmful sun rays and pollution. It also gives your skin a longer peach-soft finish.

Foundation for Dry Skin – Dry Skin ke liye Foundation

Makeup for dry skin

 Each skin has its own different type. Oily skin products do not suit people with dry skin and dry skin type. In particular, the foundation should be used according to skin type. Those with dry skin Instead of normal, it requires a foundation that moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated as well. Therefore, when choosing a foundation for dry skin, buy only the moisturizing foundation. So let’s know what are the best foundations for dry skin.

Coloressence Aqua Make Up Base

best foundation for Every Skin type

ColorAssence’s Aqua Makeup Base is considered the best foundation for dry skin. You can choose your shade according to your skin tone. This foundation is vitamin-E, which prevents your skin from getting dry. Its specialty is also that this foundation (dry skin ke liye foundation) maintains the moisture of the skin throughout the day. 

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

The biggest problem for dry skin is that patches are made on the face by applying foundation. On the other hand, if you are using the L’Oreal Paris Inflatable Pro-Glow Foundation, you will not get a smooth look at all. Being creamy, this foundation blends well on the skin and retains skin moisture for a long time. 

L.A GIRL PRO Coverage HD Foundation

Maybelline beauty

If you are looking for the best foundation for dry skin (dry skin ke liye foundation) then LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation can also try. There is a lot of dry skin and along with the stains on the face, this makeup foundation is the best. This foundation can give your face a smooth and natural base.

FAQs and Answers to the Foundation – FAQs

Nars cosmetics

If the foundation gets more on the face, how can it be reduced?

 If you accidentally have too much foundation on your face, you can reduce it with the help of a sponge. For this, wet your beauty blender and press it where there is more foundation. This will bring extra foundation into the sponge.

Is it necessary to apply primer before foundation? 

If you do makeup then you must use primer. Because the primer is used for smooth makeup base and skin protection, the foundation conceals stains while giving the skin a similar color.

Is it right to apply foundation everyday?

 It is said that everything is bad. That is why everything should be used in a limited way. Experts believe that makeup products are chemical and applying daily can spoil our skin. That is why use the foundation only on special occasions.

Apply the foundation by hand or with a sponge?

 The right way to apply foundations is to apply it with a sponge or beauty blender. Because by hand you will not be able to blend the foundation well and cracks will start appearing on your skin. That is why, with the help of a wet blender, apply foundation on the face, so that you get a very finish look.

Does the foundation make the right base by mixing oil? 

Not at all, many people use oil as a primer during makeup. It also works in a way for dry skin people, but for oily skin, there is no point in adding oil to the foundation. Only do this if your foundation is too dry or too dry to look.

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