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How to Stop Aging Forever

by Beauty Stoke

The effect of aging will stop, jaggery will remove so many skin problems overnight:

How to stop aging? You must know about the benefits of eating jaggery.( stop aging) Because jaggery is an integral part of our indigenous food and drink. Also a better alternative to sugar. But do you know about the benefits of applying jaggery on the skin?

 Enhance Skin Glow With Gur for Stop Aging:

Gur remove aging

Jaggery does not give stickiness to the skin but moisturizes it. That too while removing a lot of skin problems.(stop aging forever) Yes, not only eating jaggery but also applying jaggery is very beneficial for the skin. It is commonly said that eating jaggery causes boils and pimples. While this is completely wrong.

Because eating jaggery does not cause boils and pimples, but eating jaggery in excess quantity can cause this kind of problem.(remove aging effects) Now consuming desi ghee in excess quantity will also cause harm. Well, let’s talk about the benefits of applying jaggery on the skin

Skin Care Benefits Of Gur To soften dry skin:

Jaggery benefits for anti aging

If the skin has become dry, then jaggery can bring softness to your skin in one go. You take a spoonful of jaggery. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in it and one teaspoon of aloe vera gel by mixing all the three things well and prepare a paste and apply it on the face.(aging effects kase roke) 

After applying for about 20 to 25 minutes, wash the face with fresh water and clean it. You will see the difference in your skin in the very first time.(aging effect in vlsi) After this do not forget to apply toner and moisturizer on your face. You must apply this face pack at least twice a week and see the difference.

Benefit for glowing skin

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Remove wrinkles and increase glow for Stop Aging:

Remove wrinkles

The problem of wrinkles can be completely disappeared by applying jaggery on the face. Because jaggery works to tighten your skin.(aging effect on skin)It protects you from premature aging. Maintains the charm of your face even in old age. Follow this method to remove wrinkles and avoid early aging.

1.1 tsp jaggery powder 

2.1/2 tsp sesame oil 

3.1 tsp pure coconut oil 

Mix these three things well and make a paste. Massage your face with this for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Before sleeping at night, massage 2 drops of almond oil on the face.

How to reduce aging effects? 

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This problem goes away by eating jaggery:

Jaggery for Anti-aging


Eating jaggery is a part of our country’s tradition. In villages, eating jaggery after a meal is a rule. But now this trend is in full swing in the big hotels and restaurants of cities as well as villages.(how to stop aging forever) 

Well, let us tell you that if you have the problem of getting pimples, the problem of dull skin and the problem of having a low mood, then by eating lemon-sized jaggery every day, you can control your problem. Deepika Padukone applies this cheap oil to her hair, this is the secret of Mastani’s silky hair(stop aging forever) 

Pigmentation means removing freckles:

Jaggery remove pigmentation


It is generally believed that eliminating freckles is a very difficult task. But this task is not that difficult either. Especially with jaggery, this task is very easy. Prepare a face pack of jaggery with this method for stop aging. 

1.Jaggery powder 1 tsp 

2.fresh cream 1 tsp 

3.sandalwood powder 1 tsp 

4.Honey 1 to half teaspoon

Make a face pack by mixing all these things for stop aging. You have to keep this face pack on your face for 25 minutes. After this, wash the face with fresh water and take a few drops of almond oil and massage it on the face and neck. Which cream would be best for you? 

The easy way to choose the right cream with tons of options:

Apply like this for great effect

You have to apply this face pack before sleeping at night to get its full benefits. It is to be used 3 times a week.(anti aging) Also, after applying it, you have to apply almond oil on your skin. Try this process continuously for only 1 month. The result will be in front of you. Seeing your face glow and tighten, people will ask you the secrets.

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