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How to Sanitize Your Makeup Products at Home

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Beauty Hygiene: Know how to sanitize your makeup products at home:

How to Sanitize makeup at home? There is no doubt that makeup boosts our confidence. From stains on the face to acne scars and from pigmentation to oily skin, we all have to resort to a little bit of make-up because of these many problems. But in return, you also need to take care of How to Sanitize Makeup Products. Because there is every possibility of germs reaching inside.(Beauty hygiene plus) That is why it is important to take special care of the hygiene of the products we use every day.(Beauty hygiene tips) 

Makeup products

How to Sanitize Makeup Products?

Makeup products must always be kept clean, but in this corona period (covid 19), hygiene has become a very important part of life. then she Be it the items used in the daily routine or beauty tools and makeup products.(Beauty hygiene course) Dead skin cells, any dirt, oils, and bacteria can accumulate in your foundation sponge, makeup brush, and even lipstick.(Beauty hygiene mask) If you use such dirty products on the face, then it can cause skin problems. So let’s know how you can sanitize your makeup products while sitting at home with isopropyl alcohol. 

Makeup products


How To Sanitize Lipstick How To Sanitize Lipsticks?

Now you may be wondering how can a lipstick or primer stick be sanitized? 

So let me tell you this is very easy to do. Remove the thin layer of such products from the cotton bud. After that, sanitize the area by using WIPEOUT SANITIZING SPRAY. Beauty hygiene tips

sanitize your lipstick products at home


How to Sanitize Cream or Foundation How To Sanitize Foundations?

To maintain the hygiene of makeup products that cannot be cleaned, such as liquid cream, primer, foundation, etc. First, take care not to dip your fingers in it. When using them, use them through a cotton bud, sponge, brush.(Beauty hygiene standard) Apart from this, keep the bottles and lids of the makeup products well wiped with the help of WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes. Beauty hygiene mask. 


sanitize your makeup products at home

How To Sanitize Mascara How To Sanitize Mascara?

If you have been using your mascara or mascara for more than three months, we suggest you change it. Because the area of ​​our eyes is very delicate and there is a high probability of infection in it.(Beauty hygiene face mask) Before using your mascara and mascara, wipe the tip or the sticks thoroughly with the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes. These wipes contain eucalyptus and lemon oil, which keep the skin soft and safe.

Makeup ku senitize kase kre. 


sanitize your brush products at home


How to sanitize makeup brushes and sponges How To Sanitize Makeup Brushes & Sponges?

Makeup brushes and sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Using such dirty brushes or sponges can clog your pores and cause many beauty problems.(Beauty hygiene plus) That is why it is necessary to sanitize before using them. To do this, wet the bristles with water. Then take the WIPEOUT GERM KILLING SOAP in your clean hand and rub the brush or sponge thoroughly.(Beauty hygiene spray) 

Clean and wash with water. Then squeeze water and dry it using a WIPEOUT SANITIZING SPRAY. 




How to Sanitize Makeup Palettes How to Sanitize Makeup Palettes?

Makeup  palettes such as eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, bronzers or face powder palettes can freeze dust or oil. Remove it from the thin layer using butter knife and leave it to dry with a little WIPEOUT SANITIZING SPRAY.

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