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How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair Naturally at Home | Beauty Stoke

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How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair Naturally at Home

Five products to repair dry and damaged hair that fit your budget

How to repair dry and damage hair? It is not necessary that the hair care or skin care products that are expensive are good. We often go to the salon every month or two and get expensive treatment. But did you know that there are some hair products that you can easily use to fix damaged hair at home and these are very beneficial, provided they are used regularly. One of our biggest worries is getting rid of damage and dry hair.


How to repair damaged hair fast at home? 

Hair problems start when you go out of the house and your hair starts getting damaged by pollution and dirt. In addition, constant dyeing, heating and choosing the wrong hair products also spoils the hair. It also makes your hair lifeless. After this you will never be able to make your favorite hairstyle. So let us know, five such hair care products that are absolutely within your budget and are good for your hair.






Hair oil 


Hair mask


1.Hair serum Shampoo to repair dry and damage hair 

We all know how many different types of shampoos are available in the market and these are present in every brand. In that case you should not be confused at all. We recommend that you use Sunsilk Almond & Honey Shampoo. Use. This shampoo contains honey and almonds i.e. almonds. It moisturizes your hair. This will freeze your hair free from tangles and make it soft. The specialty of this shampoo is that it also eliminates the problems associated with your scalp and you will not have any problem of hair fall in your hair.


Purple Shampoo For Dry Hair. 


Your hair care routine cannot be complete without conditioner. There is no doubt that while shampoo protects your scalp and hair from dirt, conditioner moisturizes your hair. We recommend that you use a sulfate free conditioner. This is because sulfate steals the natural hair from your hair and makes it dry and lifeless. So it is better that you use TRESemmé Pro Protect Sulphate Free Conditioner. (damaged hair ku repair kase kre) 

4.Hair oil

To keep the hair healthy, it is important to oil the hair in a very good way. Oiling is very important for your dry and damaged hair, because oil contains vitamins and good nutrients, which make hair grow faster.

Best Hair Oil For Dry Hair. 

Strengthens hair follicles, nourishes hair roots, as well as hydration and softness to the roots. All these qualities make you Lever Ayush Ayurvedic Bhringaraj Hair Oil. Will be found in It is extremely easy to apply and with this oil you also get a comb applicator, which makes it easy to apply oil to the hair. This ayurvedic oil can easily remove itching and dryness in the scalp. It contains Bhringraj, Bhringmalkadi and Talum, which is rich in Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamins.


Amla Hair Oil. 

5.Hair mask

A super nourishing hair mask gives your hair beauty perfectly. You don’t have to think much when buying a hair mask. Hair mask nourishes your dry and damaged hair. We will tell you that you should use Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask. This hair mask contains moisturizing cream. The keratin present in it smoothes the hair, as well as makes your damaged hair manageable and shiny. 

Best Hair Mask For Dry Hair. 

6.Hair serum

As we have told you about all the products so far, you have to wash your hair again after applying them. But there is one product in which you do not need to wash your hair and that product is hair serum. We will tell you that after washing your hair you should apply TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum serum in your hair. This serum contains camellia oil, which makes the hair soft and shiny. The fatty acids present in it moisturize the hair.


Vogamour Hair Serum


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