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How to Highlight Hair at Home without a kit

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Highlight Hair at Home

How to highlight hair without chemical and without harm|How to Highlight Hair at Home

How to highlight hair at home? There used to be a time when black hair was beautifully recognized. But with changing times, we have started changing our hair into many colors too. Or simply say that highlighting hair has now become a trend.(highlight hair colour) For this we also make rounds of many big professionals or salons. After highlighting the hair, he also gives us a separate shampoo, as well as tips from time to time to come to the parlor.(highlight hair hair color) To hair The whole process of highlighting is also very heavy on our pockets. Also, these colors immersed in chemical also give you the natural beauty of hair. 

How to highlight hair at home


Now the question arises that if you do not go to the parlor then how to highlight the hair

So we will give you the answer in this article. There are many natural ways with which you can highlight your hair at home, that too without using any chemical.

 But before that, we know the important things about hair color and highlighting.

How to identify your skin tone Keep these things in mind before getting hair highlights

How to highlight hair with Hina?

These are also domestic methods of work Highlights care How to highlight hair in a natural way? 

How To Highlight Hair Naturally In Hindi What is hair highlighting? 

 How to highlight hair at home without a kit? 

How to highlight hair at home without a kit


What is Hair Highlighting?

Highlighting the hair means that you are going to lighten some shades of natural color on your hair, while if you want dark color, then it is called lowlights. Use of hair color will depend on what kind of highlight you want.(highlight hair dye) Do not get it done on hair roots while getting highlights. After coloring hair it is very important to take care of them. So first make sure that after the hair color Whether or not you will be able to take time to take care of them.(highlight hair color shades) 

Read about highlighting, see photos of celebrities to get clear on what you need. 

How to identify your skin tone? | How To Know Your Skin Tone? 

To give perfect color to hair, it is very important to know your natural hair color and skin tone.

Only then decide which hair color will look best on your skin tone. 

Most of us have either cool-toned blue-brown undertones, or warm-toned ones There are orange-yellow undertones.

If you have some yellowness in your wrist and veins can be seen easily then you are cool toned.(highlight hair colors) 

And if your veins are not so easily visible then you are warm toned.

The level of hemoglobin in our body determines whether we are cool or warm toned. 

With this, you will have to decide which hair color or hair highlight will suit you. 


Highlight Hair at Home


These hair styles by Deepika Padukone will completely change your look. Deepika Padukone Hair Styles. How to highlight hair at home without a kit? 

How to choose colors according to your skin tone?

 If you are cool toned and your complexion is darker than the medium, then your color can be called “dark cool”. For this, ash-toned hair highlights will look good on your natural color. At the same time, if you have a fair complexion with a cool ton, you can adopt ash-blonde hair highlights.

If you are warm toned and your complexion is darker than the medium, then your color can be called “dark warm”. You can go with caramel shades. Finally, if you are fair and warm toned, then neutral gold hair highlights will suit you a lot. 

Do complete research first:

Highlight Hair at Home


Before doing the hair color, do a thorough research about it. In addition to foil highlighting which is the most common method, there are other ways to get hair highlighting. 

One of these methods is “Baleyaj” which is very popular in the West. 

In this, the colorist paints highlights with hands, which makes them look more natural.

Apart from this, what color is going on in the trend these days and how much it will suit your skin tone Also gather complete information. With this, you will be able to get the best look. 

For example, if your color is slightly darker and you will have green or any other neon color on your hair, then they will not look good on you at all.

 If the color is fair, then you can experiment with all these colors.

Keep these things in mind before getting hair highlights:

Highlight Hair at Home


Any kind of color makes the hair weak. So before taking highlights, take good care of your hair. 

How to highlight hair at home, for a few months before you get hair highlights, take care of them with oil massage, hair spa or hair mask so that when you get highlighted, then your hair is healthy and it can withstand the effect of color. . 

Also on the day you color your hair Do not shampoo at all nor wash hair. This will not tangle your hair and you can color your hair comfortably.

Do not use color on your hair again and again, this makes hair quickly dry and lifeless. 

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How many hair do you want to highlight?

Once you know what color you want, you should also know how much of your hair you want to highlight – all or a little?

Some people prefer hair highlights around the face. This is mostly done to hide white hair.

At the same time, many people like to highlight all the hair from front to back.

Nowadays there is also the practice of highlighting hair from the bottom. So before highlighting, decide how much hair you want to color and why.

How to highlight hair with henna?  Highlighting Hair With Henna:

Henna means the cheapest and easiest home remedy to color hair. 

It not only gives natural red color to hair but also nourishes them.

For this, first take henna powder in a glass, plastic or wooden bowl according to the length of your hair

If the hair is longer then 10 to 12 teaspoons of hyena powder will be good for you. 

While the hair is short, 4 to 6 teaspoons of henna powder is enough. 

Remember before applying mehndi Your hair should be well cleaned. 

Now make a paste by mixing balanced amount of water in the henna. 

This paste should neither be too thick nor too thin. If you want, you can also mix tea leaf water with it.

This will give your hair a brown color instead of red. 

Now apply this mixture on your hair with the help of brush or hands.

If using hands, do not forget to wear gloves, otherwise your hands But the color of mehndi will also go up. 

Now after applying henna on all the hair, stick them upwards and cover the hair with shower cap.

Now keep it on the hair for 2-3 hours, then wash the hair with shampoo.

You can also conditioner on hair if you want. 

Please tell that the effect of henna remains in the hair for about a month, so apply henna on the hair only once a month.

Home Remedies for Hair Highlighting:

Hair highlighting

1: You can also add coffee powder to the henna to give the hair a thick brown color. When adding rosemary to the hair, add half a teaspoon of coffee powder before adding water to it. This will make hair color coffee brown. 

2: If you want to give Burgundy color to hair, then add beetroot juice to the henna. Apart from coloring hair, it also acts as an excellent conditioner for hair. 

3: To give hair redish brown color, apply curd, lemon and tea leaf along with henna. For this, boil a little curd in henna, juice of one lemon and tea leaves in water and mix it and apply on the whole hair. After two hours wash hair with water. Apply oil on drying hair and shampoo them the next day.

4: One of the many qualities of lemon is the color of hair. You can also use lemon juice to give better color to hair. The use of lemon juice highlights your hair and makes it strong and shiny. For this, first of all, add lukewarm water in the spray bottle. Now add cinnamon powder, lemon juice, orange juice and 3-4 drops of conditioner in this water and mix well. Now the place where you Spray this solution with the help of cotton to highlight the hair there. To change hair color from lemon it is necessary to sit in the sun for a while. The hair will start getting colored due to exposure to sunlight. To avoid sunburn, you must apply sunscreen to the open areas of the body. 

5: Radish shade can also be given to hair with carrot juice. For this you first extract the juice of some carrots. If you want color on your hair If you wash your hair with this juice. On the other hand, if you want to color only some hair, then wash only that hair with this juice. Now let this juice remain like this for at least one hour, after which wash your hair with normal water. Doing this once or twice will give your hair a natural redish color. Know how to highlight hair at home without a kit? 

Highlights care:

Hair highlighter


Highlights care After hair highlighting, take care of hair, if not more then at least what you used to do before getting the color done. Know how to highlight hair at home without a kit?

Make sure to deep condition the hair at least once a week and choose hair products that are color friendly i.e. meant for specific colored hair

Do not wash too quickly after coloring the hair; this will cause the hair color to fade very quickly. 

Also always cold water to wash hair Please use.

Due to this, the color will remain on the hair for a long time.

Also, do not do color and straightening on your hair at the same time, there should be a difference of at least one and a half months between these two. 

These anti hair fall shampoos are very effective in preventing hair fall Prevent hair fall with these easy methods

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