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How to get Pink and Fuller Lips Naturally

by Beauty Stoke

If you are fond of taking selfies, then get beautiful pout like this, from sugar to olive oil, these things make your lips plumpy:

What is the value of pout for selfies lovers, even small children know these days. Pink and Fuller Lips. Turn on the camera of the mobile in front of any innocent child, he starts making pout and victory sign.(lip pink krne ka totka) Well, pouts for kids are just a fun thing, so fuller pouts for girls are part of their beauty. Learn here how to make pout more attractive.(lips pink krne ka totka) 

If you are fond of taking selfies, then get beautiful pout like this, from sugar to olive oil, these things make your lips plumpy

Pouts are naturally beautiful, but if your lips are not that full and plumpy, then you can make them fuller by yourself. You do not need any beauty surgery or treatment for this. Rather, some very simple home remedies can help you. The special thing is that the effect of these remedies starts appearing within a few minutes.(lip pink home remedies) 

Fuller pout:

Puller pout

Bollywood actress and all global celebrities lips are naturally gorgeous and fuller. But they also likes to use home remedies to give a fine touch to her pout.(lip pink cream) They likes to apply powdered sugar ie boora and rose petals mixed together on her lips.

Use rose petals like this for pink lips:

Rose water

1.Take out half a teaspoon of boora in a bowl.

If it is not bad, then grind the sugar and make powder out of it. That’s what gets worse. 

Rose water

2.After taking half a teaspoon of boora, put 15-20 rose petals in it. 

3.Now mash these petals well with boora and make milk. This will form a scrub-like paste, which will be dry.

4.Now take the mixture and scrub your lips for 2 minutes.(lips pink krne ka totka) 

5.Then clean the lips by soaking rose water in cotton and apply lip balm.

Pout for selfie:

Pout for selfie

Nothing can be said with certainty about when and how the trend of making pouts started while taking selfies. But what is completely true is that today not only teenagers and young people but even small children make pout while taking selfie.(lip mask) As if they have been taught that the first condition of a selfie is to make a pout!

If your lips don’t look perfect while giving them a smoother and fuller pout, then you can give them a perfect look. For this we have brought some easy home remedies here.(pink lips tips) You can try them without worry. We have told you a recipe, which is also Priyanka Chopra’s secret. Now let’s move on.

Brown sugar powder:

Brown sugar powder

Take powder of brown sugar.e.g powdered brown sugar and mix coconut oil in it and do a light massage of this mixture on your lips for only 2 minutes. After that clean your lips with cotton.(lip pink cream) If still there is a feeling of excess greasiness, then clean the lips with lukewarm water.

Brown sugar powder

This method will make your lips look more plump and fuller in just 5 to 10 minutes. You can also use this method every day to scrub your lips. By doing this, the beauty of both your lips and pout will increase.plumby lips.

Follow this method before sleeping for Pink lips:

lips become puller and pink

5 drops olive oil

 2 drops lemon juice 

1/4 teaspoon ground brown sugar

 Mix these things and scrub your lips with the prepared mix. This scrub works to exfoliate your lips. Removes dead skin cells and makes lips smooth.

After massaging for 2 minutes with this mixture, clean the lips with a cotton or cotton cloth. These are not to be rubbed while cleansing the lips. Rather, wipe it lightly and then do not apply anything else. You just go to sleep.(lip gloss) Look at the color of your lips in the morning.

With sensitive lips to make pink lips:

Sensitive lips care

If the skin on your lips is very sensitive or you are allergic to lemon, then do not add lemon juice while using the olive oil mixture.(lip scrub) Some people may complain of chapped lips with lemon juice. So if you feel a problem in your lips after using it once, then from next time use only brown sugar and olive oil.

Lips are too dark then:

Dark lips become pink

If the color of your lips is very dark and you do not have any problem with applying lemon, then you can use olive oil mix to lighten the color of your lips. It limits the amount of melanin in your lips.(lip balm) 

Apart from this, you can mix rose petals-brown sugar powder-lemon juice and clean your lips with it before sleeping at night. Then go to sleep without applying anything else.(lip scrub at home) By adopting this method regularly, the color of your lips will start turning pink naturally.

Easy way to make lips pink. 

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