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Dry Skin Care in Winter

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Dry Skin

If the skin is feeling very dry in the winter season, then try this 100% pure desi recipe

It is common for the skin to become dry during the winter season. But those whose skin is already dry, they have more problems. Actually, the dry air blowing in the winter season absorbs the moisture from the skin, due to which the skin starts becoming lifeless and dry. this rudeness To avoid this, we try different ways. Sometimes I change my moisturizer and sometimes I buy cold cream. But you will no longer need to do all this. Rather, you can make your dry skin (Winter Dry Skin Home Remedies) soft and shiny like butter in winter with the things present at home sitting at home.

Home Remedies for Winter Dry Skin Home Remedies If your skin is also dry or it has become dry in winter, then do not worry. There are a number of things you can do to keep your dry skin hydrated and keep it looking and feeling soft and silky.

Today here we are telling you 3 such simple and effective home remedies, which are being used since time immemorial to eliminate dryness of the skin. So let’s know the home remedy to remove dryness of the skin in winter

Desi recipe number 1 – Malai for Dry Skin

Best moisturizer for dry skin

There are many more beauty benefits than the taste of eating cream. Cream helps in removing many problems along with making our skin beautiful. Malai is a panacea for dry skin especially in winters. The proteins and vitamins found in cream increase the production of collagen in the skin. Due to this the skin remains young and baby soft and at the same time it gives glow to the skin.


You have to use the cream in such a way that after applying it, you have to give at least 2 to 5 hours. That is why 2 hours before sleeping at night, mix a little honey in the cream and apply it on the face or you can also apply only cream and after that do your work, then just before sleeping, wipe the face with a soft cloth and go to sleep. Wash your face the next day after waking up. See how both the glow and softness of your face will increase day by day.

Desi recipe number 2 – Desi Ghee for Dry Skin

Apart from keeping the body healthy, ghee also keeps our skin healthy. Along with retaining the moisture of the face, the use of ghee can prove beneficial for the skin in many ways. Ghee is considered very beneficial for face to lips. Its use is especially effective for those with dry skin.


Dry Skin treatment

You can use ghee as a moisturizer in winters. Yes, every morning before bathing, massage the skin with half a teaspoon of ghee. This will make the skin soft and it will also provide moisture. Also, vitamin E found in ghee helps to remove wrinkles.

Desi recipe number 3 – Butter

Here we are not talking about butter coming from outside, but we are advising white butter. You can make these in the middle of the process of extracting ghee from cream. Many nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D and phosphorus are found in white butter. Butter is also rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Both these ingredients not only moisturize the skin but also increase its glow by making it soft. Consumption of butter is also considered very beneficial for health.


For this, you have to take a ripe banana and mix it with butter and make a pack. Keep it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face. Then see how your skin will become soft like butter. 

Note – You can try any one of the three home remedies given above. If your skin is very oily and there are also complaints of acne then do not use this remedy on yourself.

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