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BEST HAIR SERUM for Frizzy Hair | How to Use Hair Serum

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Applying Hair Serum has amazing benefits, this is the right time and way to apply it:

Hair Serum not only shines the hair but also protects it from being frizzy as well as from many kinds of damage. There are many types of serums available in the market nowadays which contain ingredients that also make the hair healthy. Even if you take the hair serum of your choice, it is very important to know the right way to apply it. Hair Serum Hair Care. Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair. 

Hair serum is a special kind of hair tonic. It works on your hair in not one but many ways. Increasing the shine of hair and giving it a smooth look is the main reason for applying hair serum.(Vogamour Hair Serum) 

Hair Serum

Hair Serum is applied by most women thinking that applying it will make the hair look more shiny and healthy. But with both these functions, Hair Serum gives many more benefits to your hair.

Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair 

How To Use Hair Serum?

The right way to apply hair serum

Hair Serum

When applying hair serum, first of all you have to take care that your hair should be clean. That is, use hair serum only after you have shampooed.Now divide your hair into two parts. Take 4 to 5 drops of hair serum in the palm and rub between the two palms, then apply the serum from the length of the hair to the end(Vogamour Hair Serum). In the same way, apply hair serum on the hair on the other side. Keep in mind that hair serum is rarely applied. But how much to apply, it depends on the length of your hair. Sara Ali Khan glows all day by applying this one oil, this is also the secret of Varun Dhawan. Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair 

Do not apply hair serum in the roots

Hair Serum

Hair Serum is never applied to the hair roots. Doing so will make the hair sticky and shampoo the next day. Rather the hair serum should always be applied to the hair from the place where your hair hangs down from the head.Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair. 

 After applying hair serum, you must comb your hair. By doing this, the serum spreads well in the hair and the hair also gets its proper nutrition. Also the hair looks shiny(Vogamour Hair Serum).

Here are the quick tips for hair serum

Hair Serum for regrowth

Hair serum is used to enhance the shine, smoothness and laxity of hair. It is applied very gently on the hair. So do not rub the hair after applying the serum. This can cause hair damage.

The serum also repairs the top layer of your hair. So apply it directly on the hair without adding any other oil or substance in the serum. Hair serum and hair oil are two different things.Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair.

Therefore, the serum should be used as a serum and the hair oil as an oil. Only then can they get the full benefit(Best Hair Serum). 

When buying hair serum

Best hair serum

When buying a hair serum, keep in mind that different types of serums should be used for different types of hair. So choose the hair serum keeping in mind the need of your hair. So that your hair can get the full benefit of it.(Vogamour Hair Serum) 

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